Permanent or temporary storage – Trusted furniture storage in Zurich

Like anywhere in the world, an excellent removal service in Zurich is identified by its foresight and services that are tailored to the needs of its customers. Manpower is needed to get to grips with this.

However, what if there is limited space in the new home/site or the new property is not yet ready to move into? Where do you put your furniture if you’re moving into a retirement home and can’t decide which of your countless items to keep? Perhaps you’re heading abroad for several months or even years and are asking yourself what to do with the contents of your home?

Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH is a company that thinks for itself and provides permanent and temporary storage for all of our customers (including storage of documents and files). This is offered at affordable rates and with excellent storage conditions.

However, that’s not always enough since we know what relocating involves. Our long list of relocation-based services show that we understand our profession.

If you’re interested in using our Zurich-based storage service or have any other requests, simply give us a call!

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How does permanent and temporary storage work?

We’ve already mentioned the possible reasons for wanting to permanently or temporarily store your furniture. This could be due to a long stay abroad or a property that is not yet ready to move into while your old property still needs to be vacated. It is often older people or their families that use our storage services.

Many of them know that they are unable to move all of their belongings to their new home. As a result, the “permanent/temporary storage” service is often included in the quote. Since this is not a compulsory requirement, we can also provide a separate quote for storage only. It is flexible and precisely tailored to your requirements. And what’s more: Our employees can carefully pack up any of your items designated for storage and transport them to our storage facility.

Permanent and temporary storage – the facilities

Every customer is a priority for us. Therefore, we believe that your possessions deserve the best possible storage facility. This involves keeping our storage facilities at a favourable, constant temperature and free from moisture. This ensures that your furnishings won’t get damaged.

Our storage facilities are not accessible to third parties and can only be accessed upon prior arrangement. This gives you, the customer, peace of mind that your belongings are securely stored.

Our storage services

Take another look at the options offered by Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH when it comes to permanent and temporary storage:

  • Storage of furniture, household and electrical appliances, goods, files, documents and more

  • Unlimited storage period
  • Collection of your items by our professional removal team

  • Disassembly prior to collection upon request

  • Professional packing service by trained employees

  • Short or long-term storage

  • Air-conditioned, secure and monitored storage facilities

  • Access to stored items guaranteed (please arrange in advance)

  • Storage and archiving of documents and files

  • Secure, clean, dry storage areas, protected against vermin infestation

  • Easy transportation using a lifting platform

  • Delivery at the end of the storage period if required

  • Removal with or without a furniture lift

We will be happy to advise you on the topic of “furniture storage” or “temporary furniture storage”

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Fast – secure – affordable – professional – needs-based – this is all part of our expertise. Get your free, personalised quote and benefit from our excellent storage options. This means one less worry for you and you can simply wait or continue planning in peace.

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Tip: There is typically no limit to the storage duration. You can therefore store items for several days, weeks or even years and there is no size limit. We can also accommodate last-minute decisions.