Your furniture lift in Zurich for easy relocation


Furniture lifts are often used for private and corporate removals, clearance or for delivering furniture or office equipment. Furniture lifts are particularly useful if goods or furniture are bulky or cannot be transported to the delivery address because the stairway is too narrow, windy or the doors are too narrow. The furniture lift speeds up the moving process and saves costs.

Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH has a furniture lift at its disposal. Simply get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Everything you need to know about furniture lifts

Not everywhere is suitable for setting up a furniture lift. This depends on the structural properties, as the upper part of the furniture lift needs to lean against a facade or solid balcony rail. Slanted windows or balcony railings such as those found in rooftop apartments are often unsuitable. Adequate space without obstacles (trees etc.) in the vicinity of the lift is required to set up the furniture lift.

Move faster using a furniture lift

Anything that can fit through a window or balcony can be transported using a furniture lift. The furniture lift is placed at an angle to the window or balcony. Please note that we are unable to privately rent out the furniture lift. It is only used in conjunction with removals carried out by our specialists.