USM Haller modular systems

If your office furniture includes USM Haller systems, then you’ll know how good and valuable it is. It involves modules which can be assembled to build different items of furniture such as filing cabinets, roller containers and reception desks, etc. The individual items can be dismantled and reassembled to create new structures. There are virtually no limits to its possibilities.

This is made possible thanks to a connecting piece which was registered as a patent in 1965 by Paul Schärer, the uncle of the company’s founder Ulrich Schärer. This ingenious design allows creativity modules to be set up but requires specific knowledge and the right tools.

At Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH, we guarantee the professional assembly of high-quality USM Haller furniture (even after relocating). Let our certified technicians know what your requirements are beforehand. Should the filing cabinet remain as such or would you like to combine new elements? Perhaps you’d like to increase your inventory. As always, we dismantle, assemble and combine the systems as per your requirements.

Worth knowing: Did you know that the brand name “USM Haller” is a combination of the initials of the company founder (Ulrich Schärer), former company headquarters (Münsingen) and architect Fritz Haller?

USM Haller furniture
– combine old and new

Although the older USM Haller furniture systems are not identical to those found today, old and new items can be flexibly combined, modified and expanded. Components from 1963 when the company was founded can still be used today. That’s a great thing in an age where eco-friendliness is of such importance, isn’t it? At Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH, we’ll be happy to help you actively implement this.

We have the tools required, since a screwdriver and Allen key alone won’t suffice here. It’s worth knowing that unperforated shelves and panels will need to be allocated to the older models. In this case, the three-part connection screws (so-called connectors) consist of a screw and two fasteners. This alone requires a special tool called a key puller. Then, it requires a special Allen key. With the newer models, the connectors are not split into three sections but instead have one element fused together.

USM Haller
– gentle, spring-loaded transport for undamaged furniture

In fact, certification is required for professional assembly of high-quality USM Haller furniture. Our highly trained fitters can provide proof of certification. Despite the fact that we treat all furniture as though it were our own, USM Haller systems require extra-special care and attention.

We guarantee high-quality and professional dismantling and assembly of your USM Haller furniture. As a removal company, the professional handling includes suitable packaging, securing and transportation. With regard to the latter, the furniture is loaded in a spring-loaded van which gently absorbs any shocks to prevent damage from the outset. Our certified technicians will then reassemble the furniture on site as per your requirements. Here, they will once again demonstrate their technical knowledge and skills.

USM Haller furniture – a matter for the professionals at Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH

USM Haller furniture is and remains a true classic today that is as popular as ever. The system, which is built up of individual modules, inspires creativity and can be modified and reassembled as needed. Watch out: Those without the necessary expertise will soon get stuck and need to call a professional in. It requires special tools, expert knowledge and the associated certification. For this reason, it’s better to leave the assembly side of things to the experts.

USM Haller furniture – Your personal office furniture dream As a removal company, we’re here to make your wishes and requirements come true. Give us a call: Tel. +41 (0) 44 741 64 64.