From the moment you decide to move:

Termination of the old rental agreement (in writing, by registered letter)

  • In case of premature termination, you should start early to search for a new tenant The law only requires you to present a solvent and acceptable new tenant, who is going to take over the property. However, the tenants association recommends finding two or three new tenants.

Viewing appointment with Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH

  • In order for Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH to professionally calculate the entire workload for you, we are happy to offer our esteemed clientele a viewing appointment that is non-binding and free of charge, so that you can benefit from a serious offer that is as accurate as possible.

3 months prior to the move:

Informing employer, acquaintances and family of the move

  • Informing the employer of the approximate date for the day off required for the move.
  • Organising supervision on the day of the move for children and/or pets, if any.
  • Organising possible assistance for the relocation.

Compiling a list of deficiencies for the old home and comparing it with the handover list

  • Compile a list of the deficiencies caused by you and get information about the amortisation period for the respective objects The tenants association also offers a useful list under the following link.
  • Performing possible repairs and/or instruct craftsmen.

Measure new home and/or request layout plan

  • Planing the interior of the new home and compiling a new layout.
  • Ordering possible new furniture to be delivered to the new home on or after the date of the move.

Clearing out

  • Establish which furniture and objects are sold, given away, cleared out and/or left. Especially the cellar, attic and garage.

Cancelling insurance and subscriptions and/or porting them to the date of the relocation

  • Organising the transfer to the new household of home contents and liability insurance, electricity provider and media providers (phone, TV, internet) in writing.
  • Arrange the reading date with electricity-, water- and/or gas providers.

If the relocation is to a different neighbourhood, town or region

  • Registering children at the desired learning institution (crèche, play group, kindergarten, school and/or day nursery).

Clarifying access to departure and arrival addresses in time.

  • Possible passage in case of barriers on the moving day. This can usually be organised with the management and/or janitor.
  • Clarifying possible weight load at properties with underground parking.
  • Clarifying possibility to place a furniture lift, in case no elevator is available and several floors have to be passed.

1 Up to 2 month prior to the move:

Notification of the new address and the definitive date of the move

  • Relocation company, relations, friends and acquaintances.
  • Applying to the employer for the annual relocation leave day.
  • Banks, insurance companies, tenants associations and other contractual partners.
  • Instructing the post office to forward mail from the relocation date.

Taking out new subscriptions and/or contracts

  • Household of home contents and liability insurance, electricity provider and media providers (phone, TV, internet).

Organisation of packaging materials and preparation of packing

  • Already packing rarely used objects and leaving them in a corner or store room. Ideally, cases should already marked with their destination.
  • Consume remaining foodstuffs as far as possible by the moving day . In particular, fresh food that needs to refrigerated, and frozen products, are very difficult to transport on the moving day without going off.
  • We will be more than happy to deliver packaging material to you from our relocation shop.

Preparing the cleaning of the old home

  • Requiring the cleaning checklist from the landlord.
  • Slightly pre-cleaning possible stubborn or forgotten places.

2 Weeks before the move

Fixing definite handover schedules

  • Date for the handover of the old home with the landlord and the new tenant.
  • Date for the handover of the new home with the landlord and the old tenant.
  • Informing relocation company and all concerned parties of the dates.

Preparing the move

  • Packing currently unused objects in packing cases and placing them in the property in a corner, a room, or store room. Ideally, cases should already marked with their destination.
  • Rearranging the cellar, attic and garage and placing objects ready for transport
  • Removing soil from plant pots and/or keeping soil very dry, as the water in the soil makes pots very significantly heavier.
  • Arranging possible parking suspensions for the move with the local police station or municipal authorities. (We’ll be very happy to offer you this service without additional cost. We arrange the municipality’s invoice to be sent to you directly.)

1 week before the move:

Informing neighbours of the move

  • Informing neighbours at the old address of the move.
  • Informing neighbours at the new address of the move.

Preparing the move

  • Packing all objects, apart from clothes and kitchenware needed until the move, safely and neatly, and placing them in the property, in a corner or store room. Ideally, cases should already marked with their destination.
  • Consume the foodstuffs in your household by the day of the move. Especially frozen and fresh products are difficult to transport during a move.

1-2 days before the move

Verifying electricity-, water- and/or gas consumption of the last period

  • Take, if possible one day prior to the move, the readings of your electricity-, water- and/or gas meters for your household together with your provider, so that you can properly verify the final invoice of your provider.

Preparing the move

  • Putting the last used clothes in laundry bags, and packing the last kitchen utensils safely and neatly. Ideally, cases should already marked with their destination.
  • Preparing all removal boxes in a corridor or room near the main door, without obstructing the passage. The boxes are loaded first.
  • Letting refrigerator and freezer defrost and rough cleaning them inside.
  • Preparing food, baby things, clothes and/or things for the pet necessary for the move day in few, specially marked moving boxes. Also preparing possible own required tools.
  • Ideally, already arranging adequate lighting in the new home.
  • Once again instructing possible supervision on the move day for children and/or pets.
  • Ideally, inspecting own furniture and rented property with a view to existing damage and recording it, also in the staircase and at new address. This ensures quick processing in case of an insurance case.
    Already notifying the landlord of recorded damage at the new address in writing.

If you have no time, and/or want to save yourself the effort of packing

  • We’re happy to offer you our packing service, in order to saveyou time and/or effort. In case of a full day packing service, if possible one day in advance, and in case of a half-day or three hour packing service, if possible on the afternoon before the move. In case of less than three hours packing time, the packing may also be done on the day of the move.

On the moving day

Ensuring a smooth workflow

  • At arrival of the team, conducting a round tour withy the team leader and giving all instruction.
  • Personal effects that are to be transported independently should be taken to the car, or prepared for removal at a suitable place.
  • If necessary, reserving access for the furniture lift.
  • Continuous flow of information with the team, as to which objects should be taken to the new home, or the cellar, attic, garage, secondary address and/or storage, respectively. Ideally, all moving boxes will have already been marked according to their destination.
  • When leaving the old address, an inspection round should under all circumstances be conducted with the team leader , to make sure all has been removed as discussed.
  • At the new address, ideally someone should be at the home, and someone in front of the home at the entrance. The person at the home instructs the team using the layout plan, how the interior should be arranged. The person in front of the home instructs the team as to which objects should be taken to the cellar, attic and/or garage.
  • If necessary, once again reserving access for the furniture lift.
  • At the end of the move, making a round with the team leader in order to inspect assembly work carried out, as well as the positioning of furniture and other fitments.

After the move:

In the event of damage

  • Promptly informing the relocation company within three calender days by email or mail, documented with photo material.

Final works

  • Cleaning of the old home.We’re happy to clean your old home for you and even give you an acceptance guarantee. We are present during handover and fully vouch for the cleaning.Cleaning:
  • Handover of the old home to the landlord
  • Unpacking the boxes. Freezers and refrigerators can only be switched on after 24 hours.
  • Registration in the new neighbourhood, the new town or region.
  • Archiving of relocation receipts and invoices for tax declaration.
  • Once you have unpacked in your own good time, we’re happy to retrieve any packaging material you may have rented from us.

If you have no time and/or want to save the effort of unpacking

  • We’re happy to offer you our unpacking service, in order to saveyou time and/or effort. In case of a full day unpacking service, if possible one day after, and in case of a half-day or three hour unpacking service, on the afternoon after the move.

Feedback conversation with the relocation company

  • Feedback conversations about the conduct of the move, the cleaning and the service in general.+41 (0)44 741 64 64


Checklist private relocation (PDF)