Cleaning with acceptance guarantee

Relocation usually also entails final cleaning of the living areas, as well as handover to the landlord. Beyond the actual relocation, a considerable expenditure of time and energy.

Save yourself the bother and let us handle this task quickly, in a professional and eco-friendly manner. Due to years of experience, we can offer you an acceptance guarantee, and we’re happy to be present during handover, without additional charges.

For final cleaning, we perform the following tasks:

  • Complete cleaning of the kitchen – including fridge, cooker, steam extractor
  • Drawers, stove, sink, flooring
  • Bathroom / WC cleaning and descaling, cistern, washbasin, bathtub and shower tray
  • Fittings, mirrors, tiled walls, flooring
  • Wet cleaning and drying of net curtains / shutters
  • Internal and external cleaning of windows, including frames and sills
  • Cleaning of doors, including frames
  • Wet cleaning and drying radiators
  • Vacuum cleaning and damp cleaning of flooring
  • Cleaning of built-in cupboards – if any
  • Removal of spider webs from walls / ceilings / beams, if required
  • Terrace / sitting area / balcony broom-clean
  • Cellar / screed / garage by arrangement
  • Filling in of dowel holes in walls
  • Cleaning carpets and grooves (if required)