Your private move with waste disposal

There are many reasons why things should be disposed of during a move. Perhaps the new home is smaller so that there is not enough room for all the furniture. Or maybe you want to treat yourself to new furnishings to mark the new beginning. Sometimes the reasons are very private. Some people part with things when they move primarily because they are associated with painful or unpleasant memories after a death or separation. No matter what the deciding factor is for you, we do not ask for the reasons and we respect your privacy! Our staff are well trained, not only in expertise around removals and disposal, but also in manners and values such as discretion and loyalty. We are a trustworthy and reliable partner at your side: You have our word on that!

Save time and start over with full power

Normally, a private move is pure stress. But not with us! Not only do we take care of all the work you require in terms of moving furniture and such, we also take care of the professional disposal of household goods that you no longer need. It doesn’t matter to us what kind of things it is. That all-too-large collection of books that you no longer care about anyway? Electrical appliances that have long since become expensive power guzzlers or no longer function properly? Old furniture that simply no longer fits your life? Whatever you want to get rid of, we can handle it. We know exactly how to dispose of which things in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible. Our work takes a huge burden off your shoulders and makes it easier for you to get started in your new place of residence. You’ll have much more time to settle in peacefully, get to know your neighbours and decorate your new home nicely.

We are there for you!

Enjoy the reassuring feeling that you have dedicated helpers at your side who will not let you down. After all, almost all of us have had the experience that you can’t always rely on so-called friends during a move. With us it’s completely different. You can always count on the Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH for your move and the disposal of furniture, household goods and appliances! And, of course, at fair and reasonable prices as well as absolutely on schedule and in a friendly manner. Put us to the test and ask us for a non-binding offer! You will quickly discover that we are the best solution for your private move: Even or especially if you want to get rid of expendable items immediately. Call us or send us a message via our contact form!

Experience a relaxed and affordable clearance and disposal service in Zurich and the surrounding area.

Moving usually involves having to clear out a lot of items. Planning and relocating causes enough stress without having to worry about disposing of any unwanted items.

This doesn’t need to be the case, as in addition to standard removal services, our clearance company also offers clearance and disposal of dispensable items such as furniture. Even on moving day itself, you get to decide whether we clear and professionally dispose of your furniture and items.

The services offered by our disposal company are always tailored to your individual requirements. Request a free quote for clearance and disposal. After calculating the exact volume, you’ll be notified of the expected costs. We always aim to offer our customers the most cost-effective solutions.

Environmentally friendly clearance and disposal

As a clearance and disposal company, we are committed to the environment. During disposal, everything is carefully separated and recycled as applicable. This is our valuable contribution to the environment.

Important to know: Over the decades, documents can often pile up that are not intended for everyone to see. That’s why our service also includes the confidential and discreet disposal of sensitive documents upon request. They are shredded so that they are no longer readable.

Everything you need to know about clearance and disposal

After receiving your enquiry, one of our clearance company experts will guide you through the topic of clearance and disposal step by step. As a prospective customer, you should be in a position to get a precise picture and calculate the exact costs. Many people are unaware that our clearance and disposal service also includes provision of a container (skip). After calculating the exact volume, you will receive a cost breakdown of your clearance and disposal requirements.

Our clearance and disposal services at a glance

Our clearance services – the benefits for you:

  • Collection and appropriate disposal of bulky waste
  • Clearing out of cellars, attics, garages and gazebos etc.
  • Disposal of items such as beds, cupboards, sofas, shelves and other furniture
  • Clearance and disposal with or without a furniture lift
  • Professional business closure
  • Professional household closure
  • Professional and eco-friendly disposal
  • Fuss-free, swift and environmentally friendly working manner
  • Reasonable calculations
Räumung Entsorgung

We will be happy to advise you on the topic of clearance and disposal

Simply contact us on +41 (0) 44 741 64 64. We will be happy to put together a quote based on your requirements.

Possible areas of activity for a clearance company

Experience as a removal company has taught us that clearance and decluttering is unpopular, but necessary. Ask your removal company for assistance with

  • Apartment clearance
  • Home clearance
  • Office clearance
  • Attic clearance
  • Basement clearance
  • Decluttering
Clearing out your home is anything but a pleasant thought. Family, friends and acquaintances don’t always have time to help you out. That’s where our clearance company steps in. We have the personnel to clear out your home in a short space of time. They’ll separate items you wish to keep from those you’d prefer to discard.

Important to know: Items that appear unusable can sometimes be repaired and reused.

The task of home clearance should not be underestimated and can deplete you mentally and physically. In the days leading up to the clearance, ideas can be approved and then rejected again. That takes time and experience has shown how useful planning is.

As a disposal company, we are in a position to undertake this task within the given time frame. We sort items into “keep/discard” on site and then send them on to be recycled or disposed. Thanks to clearing out a large number of homes, we are familiar with all of the issues and opportunities that may arise. This relives you of a great deal of stress and energy.

Clearing out offices and business premises always takes place under tremendous time pressure. Each day, the handover date draws ever closer and there seems to be no end in sight. Does this sound familiar to you?
Thanks to an excellent team of employees, our clearance company is able to meet your deadlines. Everything is sorted, disposed of and transported away in a highly organised fashion. This lets you focus on the more important matters.
Simply the thought of clearing out the attic can induce stress in certain people. Plenty of things can accumulated up there over the years and decades. Spending hours hunched over while clearing out the attic really takes it out of you. Our removal service can help make everything easier. Keep calm and seek our assistance.
Our moving specialists can also help with basement clearance. Similar to the attic, there are usually plenty of items stored here that aren’t needed in the home/workplace. The problem: it’s hard to keep track of things over time. Everyone is familiar with the problem. There’s a lack of system and eventually you run out of available space. Our moving specialists can also give advice here.
It never hurts to declutter the home/rooms once in a while. Whether this is the garage, attic, basement, living room/office or even a workshop is of secondary importance. Once you start, you’ll find it hard to stop until you’re left with what you actually need. As specialists in decluttering, we can assist here. Everything is disposed of appropriately, such as kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, freezers, paints, thinners, chemicals etc. The environment is always a priority for us.

What you need to know about decluttering, clearance and disposal

Decluttering, clearance and disposal is a major challenge for most people – but not for us. As a clearance and disposal company, our main priority is to fulfil your requirements. Let our professionals advise you on clearance and disposal and receive a quote tailored to your requirements. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is. Our quote will help your energy reserves and eliminate any worries about your budget. Entrust us with looking after your plans. You’ll be amazed by how we professionally dispose of your unwanted items. Simply give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!