Professional packing and unpacking service

Are you due to move soon and have no time to pack and unpack your things? No problem. Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH provides a comprehensive package that also includes a packing and unpacking service. You can sit back and watch as our qualified and experienced employees undertake all of the tasks for you one by one. As the customer, you get to decide what we help you with. Normally, the packing and unpacking service is combined with a relocation, which we of course perfectly plan beforehand. Depending on the volume and quantity of your goods, we factor in one to three days for the entire service.

Packing and unpacking service: What is important?

In addition to professional employees, the most important aspect of a packing/unpacking service is having the right packaging materials. Do you have a collection of expensive and valuable wine bottles? We use wine boxes specially developed for wine bottles to ensure safe transportation of the bottles. Do you have expensive suits or evening wear in your cupboard? Don’t worry, as our clothes boxes allow us to easily hang up your clothes and avoid any damage during transport. We also have the right packaging material for your crockery. Our team carefully wraps your crockery in tissue paper and/or bubble wrap before placing them in the boxes. Our range of packaging materials meet all requirements and ensure a stress-free, smooth relocation.

How does the packing and unpacking service work?

Depending on the volume, our team will visit you the day before with enough packaging materials to pack and protect all of your items. Once this is finished and you have successfully relocated, we then take care of the unpacking service. We carefully unpack all of your items, put them away and place furniture where you want it.

For your move we offer:

  • Professional packing by specially trained personnel
  • Preliminary sorting and classification of relocation goods
  • Labelling of moving boxes
  • Professional and eco-friendly disposal
  • Provision of packaging material and protection material