Disposal for companies

Even companies need to comb through their premises and possessions from time to time to get rid of any surplus or faulty items. Broken chairs, discarded office furniture and faulty appliances can take up unnecessary storage space. Old documents should also be disposed of and destroyed at some point. Possessions have a tendency to gather over time and risk creating disorder. Time to take action!

Our topic – along with many others – is called “disposal”. Do you have the personnel to deal with this? The answer here is often no. The waste must be properly disposed of since not everything belongs in general waste. This costs valuable time that you don’t have.

Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH offers eco-friendly disposal for companies. Whether as part of a relocation or simply because it’s time to restore order and free up space, it makes no odds to us. Our professionals perform a thorough clean with the necessary manpower and knowledge required.

What’s more, if you have private disposal requirements, we can also help here too!

Professional disposal

Companies store all kinds of items that are no longer useful to anyone. These have a tendency to build up over time. Large companies often employ their own caretaker to handle disposal and tidying. Small to medium-sized enterprises – so-called SMEs – often assign a minimally motivated trainee or unskilled labourer to “muck out”. This task is an unpopular one and is often carried out with a similar level of enthusiasm.

Do it right and get professionals to take care of things. We’ll quickly clear out and dispose of everything you no longer require. We also work in an environmentally friendly way and carefully separate anything that can be recycled. We should all do our bit to preserve our beautiful planet. We contribute to that in our way.

Our clearing and disposal services at a glance

Following your enquiry, one of our experts will visit you on site to get an accurate idea and calculate the precise costs. Should you choose to work with us, you’ll enjoy many benefits as a business customer:

  • Decluttering (e.g. storage rooms, basement, attic, garages, etc.)
  • Disposal of office and other furniture, electronic waste, etc.
  • Clear-out and disposal using a furniture lift if required
  • Professional business closure
  • Professional and environmentally friendly disposal (waste separation)
  • Swift and transparent working method
  • Affordable calculation

File disposal

The disposal of old files and documents is essential for companies. These do not belong in standard paper waste but in professional hands, such as ours.

These should be kept for no longer than 10 years (statutory storage period). We’re well-versed in professional file disposal. All paper (including folders) is shredded by us and rendered completely illegible. This ensures that your data and addresses, etc. don’t fall into the wrong hands. Your file archives will be kept tidy and it’ll take just moments to find the documents you actually need.

Corporate disposal: request a free, tailored quote

Over time, the topic of disposal becomes a more pressing matter within a company. Furniture, electrical appliances and/or files – let our professionals do the work. Decluttering and eco-friendly disposal for companies – this is what we do. This also includes the professional destruction of all files and documents which are guaranteed to be illegible after shredding.

Request a quote for clearance and disposal today. The free on-site visit to estimate the volume and provision of a skip if required is included.

As a business owner, you’ll soon have space for the important things your company needs. Time and money can be saved when everything is in its rightful place and is easy to find. Make use of our resources.