Professional private removals with a wide range of additional services

Private removals are anything but easy. Your brain ends up working overtime just trying to make sure that nothing gets forgotten. Thousands of steps are needed to put everything in its rightful place. Planning and carrying out a move can be both physically and mentally exhausting for private individuals (who may not have any prior moving experience).

At Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH, we know what we’re talking about. Our decades of experience have taught us (and continue to teach us) that no two removals are the same. Every relocation is as unique as the individual themselves. As a professional removal company, we’ve risen to the challenge of creating a stress-free and pleasant relocation experience just for you. This not only includes loading up the removal lorry, transporting and then unloading your possessions, but a whole host of additional services that you’ll be sure to love. Read about how easily your private relocation can happen.

Need to relocate in a hurry? We look forward to hearing from you. You can email us at or call us on 044 741 64 64. Alternatively, click here to request a quote.

Private removals: from A – Z

Private removals involve a variety of different tasks. Providing moving boxes, hiring the cheapest van with enough space, dismantling furniture, safely packing all of your belongings, etc.

What happens with regards to organising no-parking zones on moving day? Have you also thought about the final cleaning if mentioned in your rental contract? Where will you store surplus items of furniture? Disposal is also an important topic. These are just some of the factors that need to be considered for private removals.

Planning, organising and implementing all this and much more is what we specialise in. Property cleaning (with acceptance guarantee), clearance and disposal, storage/temporary storage, packing and unpacking service, etc. Simply everything you need for a well-organised and problem-free private relocation.

Our customers’ removal requirements are our top priority. We are your qualified partner for everything from simply providing suitable packaging material for your upcoming relocation to full-service removals and everything in between.

Your relocation destination – whether within the same area, across Switzerland or even Europe – is of secondary importance. We always focus on 100% quality. Armed with advice and determination, we’re here to support you throughout every step of your move.

Private removals

Are you looking for a Zurich-based removal company or planning to relocate within Switzerland?

As a professional removal company, we offer affordable and professional relocations in Zurich, Switzerland and Europe. Nowhere is too far or too arduous. We’ll take care of your requirements and adapt our services accordingly. Benefit from our wide range of services and trust the professionals at our Zurich removal company with your private relocation. We’ll be happy to advise you free of charge over the phone or in person.

Full-service removals

Are you moving soon and want as much taken off your hands as possible?

We’ll gladly plan your full-service removal. Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH has the experience and quality to help you relocate. Request a non-binding quote today for a full-service removal. We’ll send a free removal quote after receiving your enquiry.

Property cleaning

Are you looking for a professional removal company that offers both relocation and cleaning services?

We are your point of call for a speedy, professional and environmentally friendly cleaning service. We offer a cleaning service with an acceptance guarantee. We can also offer a cleaning-only service with acceptance guarantee. We’ll fit in around your schedule so that you don’t have to worry about any inconvenience or additional stress factors. Depending on the property size, we’ll spend one or two days cleaning beforehand. Request a free, non-binding consultation.


Professional clearance and disposal by our removal company can save time and energy.

Whether or not you are relocating with us, we offer this service as part of a package or as a separate service. We are also happy to handle professional document disposal, which we shred as a matter of course. In addition to conventional disposal methods, we at Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH are committed to professional, environmentally friendly disposals. We recycle your waste to help contribute to a better environment.


Are you planning a stay abroad and need to store your furniture and personal belongings?

Renovation work or reduced living space can require furniture or other effects to be put into storage for a shorter or longer period of time. Our storage facilities allow you to carefully and securely store your belongings. We ensure that our storage facilities are kept at the right temperature, are organised and, of course, offer the right protection. Your items are insured by us for the duration of storage and are only accessible to select individuals.

Packing and unpacking service

Packing and unpacking service: smooth relocations are only guaranteed with a professional packing service.

We not only provide the personnel for this purpose, but also the right packaging material. We draw from various sources when it comes to packaging material. Our products include book boxes, folder boxes, cutlery boxes (with inserts), filing drawer boxes, laundry boxes, clothes boxes with rails as well as wine boxes and tissue paper. Should you prefer to pack and unpack everything yourself, delivery/collection of the packaging material is provided free of charge.

Piano transportation

Piano transportation in the greater Zurich area: Secure, professional and affordable.

The employees of removal company Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH know what’s important when it comes to moving pianos. Our removal company has qualified personnel who can oversee the safe and stress-free transportation of your items through careful handling, optimally equipped vehicles (with lifting platforms) and the necessary protective and precautionary measures. We also transport safes and larger statues using our fully automated stair climber.

Furniture transport

The ability to provide tailormade services that meet any requirement is the hallmark of an excellent removal company.

Here at Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH, we not only have a dedicated team of removal specialists who can professionally dismantle and reassemble your furniture; we also have an experienced in-house carpenter who can provide additional expert support. We can even transport individual items of furniture. In other words, our services not only include removals in the traditional sense; instead we adapt to our customers’ requirements.

Furniture assembly

Professional assembly of designer and classic furniture.

The professionals at Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH can rebuild practically all kinds of ready-to-assemble furniture and other items that need assembling in your home or office, no matter where you bought them or who the manufacturer is. This not only saves time and effort, but also minimises costs. Our professionals can assemble both new and old furniture with ease. We can also assemble and disassemble more complicated systems such as USM Haller furniture.

Furniture lift

The benefits for you of moving with a modern furniture lift!

Save time – help your belongings reach your new home in the fastest possible way. Our furniture lift is designed to meet the highest demands. High levels no longer pose a problem and you can move without any stress. Our furniture lift saves you time and is reflected in the pricing. Make moving easier and book a furniture lift to rid you of that extra stress. With a range of 24 metres and load capacity of 300 kg, nowhere will be too difficult to reach.