Property cleaning (with acceptance guarantee)

Moving is complete, the old building/office has been cleared out and everything is finally in its rightful place. However, the final cleaning of the vacated property and/or thorough cleaning of the new property often still needs to be done. After an exhausting move, this is often a tedious but necessary affair.

Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH therefore offers an additional service to make life easier for you: property cleaning
Our experienced employees are able to carry out all kinds of property cleaning for you. One less worry!

You decide the scope: full or partial property cleaning
Our quote is as unique as you and is tailored entirely to your requirements.

Tip: We also offer cleaning services (including basic cleaning) for businesses, warehouses and offices.

Read more to find out about our various offers that extend far beyond standard domestic cleaning services. Feel free to contact us by calling +41 (0) 44 741 64 64. We look forward to your enquiry.

Bespoke quotes for individual requirements

A consultation takes place at the start of every property cleaning. This can take place on site or over the phone – it’s up to you. Viewing appointments are mandatory but are free and non-binding. This viewing allows us to make a detailed and accurate list of your requirements, with a quote that is personally tailored to your needs.

Simply need the kitchen and bathroom to be cleaned at your property? No problem – we can accommodate any of your needs. Our service is then limited to these areas only. Bespoke and needs-based cleaning is carried out in a swift and professional manner.

Property cleaning? We will gladly provide you with a bespoke offer.

What does professional cleaning involve?

As a well-structured company, we not only have optimally trained personnel but also the necessary cleaning equipment. This includes the right cleaning products and equipment for cleaning your premises through to pressure washers.

It doesn’t take much to thoroughly and professionally clean a property:

Trained specialist personnel

+ a good eye

+ the right cleaning products

+ the right equipment

+ know-how when it comes to dirt, stains and hygiene

= the best cleaning you can get for your money

Our cleaning services at a glance

In the following you will find a detailed list of our cleaning services:

  • Property cleaning including acceptance guarantee

  • Full kitchen clean including kitchen cupboards, refrigerator, hob, extractor hood, drawers, oven, sinks, floors

  • Cleaning and descaling where required of the entire bathroom including toilet, washbasin, tiled walls, bathtub and shower trays, fixtures, mirrors and other furnishings

  • Cleaning (damp or dry) of vertical blinds/roller shutters and window shutters

  • Internal and external cleaning of windows, including frames and sills

  • Cleaning of living rooms, doors, closets, floor baseboards, radiators, lamps, floors, sockets and switches

  • Cleaning of radiators (damp/dry)

  • Vacuum cleaning and floor mopping

  • Sweeping of terrace, sitting area, balcony

  • Cleaning of ancillary rooms such as basements, attics, garage (upon special arrangement)

  • Filling in of dowel holes in walls (no guarantee)

  • Shampooing of carpets, cleaning grout (upon special arrangement)

Find out more and request a quote

Cleaning/property cleaning – a tiresome and time-consuming task when you’d rather just put your feet up. So, let our experts do the work of making sure your premises are professionally and hygienically cleaned.

Removal cleaning with acceptance guarantee

Is this convincing enough? Contact us on +41 (0) 44 741 64 64 and let us draw up a tailored quote. We adapt to your requirements.