What makes a good rubbish removal service?

After a move, a clear-out or even a refurnishing, the disposal of various goods is usually on the agenda. Where to put old furniture, where to put paints, varnishes, electrical items. Some people dispose of what they can in their household waste. Those, who take the environment into consideration when disposing of waste, assume responsibility for all living creatures on this earth. However, driving to the individual disposal points takes time, which not everyone has or wants to take. So what to do to still get everything right?

If you want to know exactly, call 044 741 64 64 for free, non-binding advice on how flawless disposal works. As a responsible rubbish removal service, we know our area of operation very well and have the appropriate contacts and points of contact.

Rubbish removal service with a sense of responsibility

Especially when moving, it quickly becomes clear that a lot of things have to be disposed of. Where to put what is no longer needed?

Save yourself this additional stress and commission Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH with clearing and disposal. Whether it is your own premises or you need to dissolve a household, it does not matter. Our work always keeps the environment in mind. In the case of waste disposal, for example, this is the environmentally friendly way of working. Everything to be disposed of is already separated from each other in advance. Some things can be recycled, while others are only good as waste. In this way, we are making a timely and indispensable contribution to the environment for all of us.

Furniture, electrical appliances, documents, hazardous waste & co.

What if a company is put in order or dissolved? A flood of documents comes to light, which are not intended for every eye. Not even when they bear witness to times gone by. Also entrust their disposal to us as a responsible rubbish removal service. We guarantee that nothing can be deciphered at the end.

Paints, varnishes, thinners etc. fall under the category of “hazardous waste” and must be disposed of accordingly.

Electrical appliances – whether large or small – also do not count as normal household waste. This is not necessarily because of the composition, but because of the potentially valuable precious metals, such as copper, brass, etc. Together with the scrap metal, they can be fed into the recycling loop and reused. It would be a shame to just throw something so valuable in the trash.

Even furniture are not always just bulky waste. There are people, who are grateful for things you want to dispose of. This means that by placing an order with us, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but you are also protecting the environment and possibly making people happy. “One man’s sorrow is another man’s joy” is the saying.

The work of a rubbish removal service

To answer the question posed at the outset “What makes a good rubbish removal service?”:

A good rubbish removal service thinks and empathises with its customers, acts with foresight.

A good rubbish removal service keeps the environment in mind and thus acts in the interest of all living beings on our beautiful planet.

A good rubbish removal service does not see its task in isolation, but asks about other needs, such as moving, clearing, cleaning – if necessary, offers the full-service move, which includes everything.

A good rubbish removal service has the necessary contacts and tools, but also excellent employees

We see ourselves as a good rubbish removal service and always look forward to new challenges that make life so exciting.

Call 044 741 64 64 and let our highly trained staff guide you step by step through the process of clearing-out and disposal. Consultation and site visit are free of charge and non-binding. Everything will be done to your satisfaction and no step will be taken without your approval.


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