Professional removal company for a stress-free move in Zurich and all over Switzerland

If you are planning a move in Zurich and the surrounding area in the near future or if you want to carry out a clearance, we are the perfect moving partner for you. We carry out your orders reliably, expeditiously and professionally. We offer you very gladly a free and non-binding visit date, in order to calculate the entire expenditure for you once professionally and to thus respectably provide you with as accurate a quote as possible. This allows us to also provide you with a lump-sum quote or implement a cost ceiling in the quote. The removal company offers a comprehensive total solution for all your moving problems. If you want, our professionals will do all the work from packing service to final cleaning with acceptance guarantee. You will be able to make yourself comfortable in the new apartment faster.

The move begins with packing

The removal company offers you a full service from A to Z. The move does not begin with driving the truck. Before that, you spend a few hours carefully packing the items into moving boxes. The employees will bring the packing material to you. Garments are carefully packed in boxes. Bubble wrap is available for art and antiques. Your dishes will be safely wrapped in tissue paper. If you prefer to do the packing yourself, you are welcome to rent your desired packing material in our relocation store or buy it directly. You should first schedule a visit with the removal company’s moving consultant so they can tell you exactly how much packing material is needed. This also enables the specialist to better estimate the personnel requirements.

During the move itself, if you wish, the employees will dismantle the furniture and lamps professionally and expertly and transport them safely into the moving truck. In the new apartment, the furniture is then professionally assembled again by the moving staff and the lamps are installed.

Disposal and storage of unneeded items

The removal company also undertakes the clearance of an apartment. Sometimes life changes and the tenant moves to a smaller apartment. Many items now have no place. Of course, the removal company will take care of the disposal of items that are no longer needed. If you have a sofa that you no longer need, the specialists at Umzugsservice Zürich will be happy to pick it up from you. Of course, this also includes clearing out the screed or basement. The Zurich removal company also carries out professional apartment dissolutions. The disposal is of course clean, environmentally friendly and if possible, the goods are recycled.

In some cases, although it is necessary to clear the apartment, the client may not yet think about disposal. In this case, the items that are not needed at the moment will be stored in our large warehouse in Zurich.

The removal company takes care of the final cleaning with acceptance guarantee

When you move out of a rented apartment, you must restore the old apartment to its original condition. Usually, in plain language, this means that you have to clean. Few tenants do this work with pleasure. They want to enjoy the new apartment and not spend hours in the old one. The removal company will be very happy to take care of it. It cleans all furnishings such as kitchen, bathroom, room and balcony. The removal company even gives an acceptance guarantee. This can save you a lot of money under certain circumstances. Landlords tend to withhold security deposits. This cannot happen to you with the removal company. A competent and reliable employee will be present and will perform the acceptance together with the administration.

Moving and disposal without stress

Clearance of an apartment or moving is associated with a lot of stress. If you hand over the work to a removal company, you can calmly face the moving date or the date of clearance. The removal company reliably takes over all the work that needs to be done. This is carried out by professionals in Zurich with many years of experience. Thus, you have a guarantee that your valuable items will not be damaged by the removal company and you are otherwise insured. The removal company takes care of the disassembly and assembly of the furniture, as well as the final cleaning of the old apartment. This means the move and disposal in Zurich is no longer stressful.

As a removal company we offer you:

  • Professional relocation within Zurich, Switzerland and Europe
  • Free and non-binding on-site visit
  • Professional advice around your move
  • Disassembly and assembly of your furniture / cabinets of all current manufacturers
  • Establishment of no parking zones / no stopping zones
  • Disassembly and assembly of lamps, pictures & curtains
  • Packing and unpacking service of your personal goods
  • Assembly of USM furniture by qualified assembly personnel
  • Environmentally friendly and clean clearance & disposal
  • Storage and temporary storage
  • Moving and furniture transport with or without furniture lift
  • Safe and piano transport
  • Weekend move without surcharge
  • Packing material for rent or purchase with free delivery and collection

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