Your moving company from Zurich knows: Nothing changes! New destination, more furniture and inventory, different requirements. At best, the stress increases.

We at Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH enable you to also discover an exciting and new side to your upcoming relocation. Experienced in all kinds of relocations – private and commercial – our wealth of experience as a moving company has grown massively and will also benefit you.

The wide range of possible services – arising from an immense variety of different moves – also meets your individual wishes. Our specialty: We respond to every customer! With the professionalism we offer, we would also like to gain your trust. Free consultation and an equally free on-site visit will make your decision easier.

Important to know: Thanks to an excellent price-performance ratio, every moving budget comes into its own with us. We are happy to reveal one of the secrets of our success at this point: The normally horizontal bar of the price/performance balance always leans a bit more towards “performance” – in your favour. More about that in a moment.

What makes a good moving company

At Umzugsservice Zürich GmbH we know this exactly.

As a customer, you should check some important aspects in advance:

  • What is the structure of a moving company?

  • What services are offered at all?

  • What is the quality of reviews in the relevant portals and on the website?

  • What options do you have as a customer?

  • How does the moving company under review handle special requests?

  • Is my budget even enough for a professional moving service?

  • Are professional and trained staff employed?

At this point, you may have more questions that will help you find a suitable moving company.

Important to know: To each of your questions, Umzugsservice shows itself transparently and 100% authentically. Here, clear and unambiguous communication is maintained, which is then also reflected in an initially non-binding quote. We are already known almost all over Europe for responding to individual customer requests and questions and making the impossible possible.

Don’t give your trust to everyone right away

Many promises, big words – and in the end the bill says something else?

This doesn’t happen with us!

As your trusted moving company in Zurich, we have an excellent reputation to lose – both nationally and internationally. It is therefore a matter of course for us not to disappoint your trust. Clear communication is indispensable. Your well-being and our success are equally important to us. One entails the other. Give us a chance to fulfil your wishes and ideas as well.

Important to know: Every move tells us something about the personality of the people we support. Something like this trains empathy, which is put to the test again with every assignment. So far, our customers say: Thumbs up!

This is what you get for your money and trust

Of course, not everyone has a large moving budget. Some already entrust us with the entire execution- starting with the planning of the move. In this case, we are talking about a full-service move.

You may be one of those, who prefer to be in charge yourself, or you may have a limited budget. In this case, choose from a long list of possible services of our moving company. Visit appointments and consultations are free of charge in all cases.

A rough overview: These are our services

That much in advance: If you are missing something in the following list, please let us know. We are known to meet almost every customer requirement. If we wanted to summarise all these fulfilled individual wishes in a list, it would be unending.

You too can benefit from experienced, professional, motivated and variedly trained

employees, who will facilitate the following for you:

  • Special transportation (e.g. grand or upright piano, safe, etc.)

  • Furniture lift for bulky and non-dismountable items

  • Organise no stopping zones

  • Support in the preparation of general cargo/inventory lists

  • Completion of all necessary formalities (e.g. customs)

  • Assembly work of any kind

  • Cleaning after moving (with acceptance guarantee)

  • Expert and professional packing and unpacking service

  • For rent or for sale: Packaging materials

  • Safe and professional transportation

  • Clearances

  • Professional and environmentally friendly disposal of furniture and inventory

  • Storage and/or temporary storage of your goods (commercial or private; also of goods for sale if your own storage space is too small)

Important to know: We are also highly trained in commercial moving. A whole series of relocations put into practice speak for themselves.

We will be happy to advise you

So-called heavy transports are no problem here. The best thing to do is to ask us right away.

Attention – to all companies: Old files? File destruction up to guaranteed illegibility is also part of our portfolio.

Oh yes – the stress! What stress?

Get our professional support:

Tel. +41 44 741 64 64