Eco-friendly disposal

It often transpires during relocation that one wants to dispose of old items or furniture. Or bulky waste may accumulate. Professional disposal can save a lot of time and energy, and will definitely give you peace of mind.

Whether or not you are relocating with us, we offer this service as part of a package, or as an individual service. Apart from items that are no longer needed or useful, we are also happy to handle the professional disposal of documents, which we first shred, as a matter of course.

Our services at a glance:

  • Collection and appropriate disposal of bulky waste
  • Clearing out of cellars, attics, garages and gazebos
  • From bed, sofa and cupboard to bulky transport goods
  • Disposal of bulky waste of any kind
  • Professional winding up of businesses
  • Professional winding up of households
  • Professional, eco-friendly disposal
  • Fast, straightforward and recycling-friendly
  • Fair conditions